FREE New London Township Website

by Vincent Sammons 22. January 2009 01:31

FREE New London Township Website

Last night VSS Business Solutions was on the New London Townships agenda to discuss the informal proposal of re-designing and hosting the Townships current web site. This proposal would allow the Township to utilize all of VSS Business Solutions resources that are available for "FREE". We are located in the township and want to give something back to the community. We also want to have 2 rotating advertisement on the bottom of the page displaying local business including ours in order to offset some of the costs.

The current web site is being maintained by one of the township office workers part time and is VERY difficult to find any information on it due the lack of organization on the site. The navigation is not consistent and even non-existing on some of the pages and it is time to have the site re-designed by a professional the community is long overdue for a better communication system as well as automation of service by the township.

The new Web site would include the use of style sheet as well as an ASP.NET Master page in order to keep the look and feel consistent throughout the web site. Easy to find Menu Navigation, Downloadable documents, Post Agendas for meeting to the public, Updateable back end system that will allow the township members to log in and update the site from anywhere. Built in EMERGENCY information in case of a disaster or other events that may effect the township. We also discussed other features we could develop as the need arises.

After the presentation to the township we were quite suprised on the initial response we receive. After the board members agreed: the site was difficult to navigate, missing pertinent information to the community, hard to locate information and the fact that majority of the members did not really know what was on the website; they were very reluctant to adopt a FREE solutions that would help the community.

After further arguments over long term cost saving, long term time savings, Easy to update site that any of the members could do if there was and emergency and so forth they agreed to have the proposal in writing for review by the township solicitor.

Here is the current township web site:
Here is the sample proposed township web site:


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